How can I track a shipment?2020-03-20T03:16:54-06:00

You may track shipments using the LynnCo Track Shipments tool. CLICK HERE to enter up to 30 LynnCo shipment numbers.

How can we get in touch with LynnCo after hours?2020-03-05T23:03:09-06:00

LynnCo is ready to serve you 24/7/365. You can call LynnCo after hours at (800) 424-3952, or email us at LynnCoAfterHours@LynnCo-SCS.com

I’m having trouble logging in to SuiteEdge. What do I do?2020-02-25T16:48:54-06:00

Please either email the LynnCo Technical Support team at websupport@lynnco-scs.com, or call Technical Support at (888) 596-6264 for assistance with using our SuiteEdge® product.

I want to learn more about LynnCo’s services. Whom do I contact?2020-03-05T23:09:04-06:00
At LynnCo, we love talking about what we do. If you would like to learn more about us or our services, please email Sales@lynnco-scs.com.
How is LynnCo different from a broker?2020-03-05T23:10:11-06:00
While a broker’s primary job is to arrange transactions, LynnCo delivers enhanced logistics performance for the entire supply chain. It’s true that LynnCo has served as a freight broker for some clients and, while that effort continues to be a part of the value we bring to our clients, we know that our clients’ unique needs make it necessary for us to offer more specialized, supply chain-related services. To learn more about Our Solutions, contact us at Sales@lynnco-scs.com.
Why is Supplier Compliance so important?2020-03-05T23:10:36-06:00

Supplier compliance allows you to increase confidence in the availability of critical materials, proactively head-off production scheduling delays due to late or inaccurate deliveries, and reduce inventory carrying costs by greatly reducing buffer stock. Contact us at Sales@lynnco-scs.com to set up a call to discuss how LynnCo’s resources for Supplier Compliance.

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