Based on a solid foundation and long-standing history in logistics, LynnCo takes pride in its story. Since 2000, LynnCo has helped clients improve supply chain management by digging deeper into their logistics, acting as a long-term partner every step of the way. But the vision for LynnCo began years before based on a bold idea and fueled by innovative technology.

Deep Roots

As owner of Fritz Companies through the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s, LynnCo founder Lynn Fritz had spent his career streamlining supply chain logistics. Fritz was the first to use technology solutions to support a nationwide network of offices that provided complete supply chain and logistics services, bringing method and consolidation to a fragmented industry.

As Fritz Companies grew to over 10,000 people working in 120 countries, Fritz recognized a looming issue: “We were getting large, heavy, and our best people weren’t in front of the customers,” he says. He began to look for a way to get back to the fundamentals of his business.

Bringing Discipline to Domestic Freight

In the mid-1990s, Fritz saw his opportunity. Using his previous experience creating technology-enabled organizations, Fritz began an effort to bring the discipline of high-level, third-party logistics to domestic freight.  “Domestic transport was such a loose practice, and there was so much room for improvement. I thought it was time to change the strategic business model,” Fritz says.
“It’s easy to say now, but initially, changing people’s behavior is very hard. It was a sea of change for the business as a whole.”
At the time, domestic freight payment companies had one goal: cut costs to save money. “Saving money is good,” Fritz says, “but it is a short term element that you have to revisit all the time. Our value is in our ability to improve the whole supply chain – wrap our hands around a customer’s business and be part of their success.”

Digging Deeper Into the Supply Chain

With a new name and a fresh start, LynnCo began to look at supply chain management on a much grander scale. Over the next several years, LynnCo continued to develop its supply chain management technology under the guidance of LynnCo’s CEO Anisya Fritz, Ph.D. and executive-level strategist Wendy Buxton, who was named President in 2006.

“Our plan was to operate out of one centralized location and use technology solutions to ensure we were extremely well automated, efficient, and operating very cost-effectively. Then, we could get our best people back in front of our accounts,” say Fritz.

“Can you put together an organization where people are proud to be there, can identify with the organization’s values, can work hard and achieve more than they ever thought they could, and have fun with what they do? If you achieve that in your company, you can be proud of what you’ve done.”

Having our best people interfacing with our clients means LynnCo customer service can be paramount. Fritz says, “LynnCo has become exactly what it was designed to be: a well-tuned machine. We have excellent people who operate in a very transparent way – and they’re able to truly execute change for our clients.”

He adds, “This is definitely not the easy road. But our work with our clients is meaningful and we really do commit ourselves to their success. It’s a long-term growth strategy.”

“The fact that LynnCo has worked seamlessly as an extension of our company has been invaluable. We see that this will be a long and beneficial relationship as we realize the expertise that LynnCo can bring to logistics.”

Chief Financial Officer – Fabrication Industry