Carsten Sorensen
Chief Executive Officer

Carsten Sorensen is a technology and finance executive with a broad background in a variety of industries and extensive European work experience. A former software engineer, Mr. Sorensen has over 25 years of experience combining Technology, Mergers, Acquisitions and Finance as well as a deep operating background to the organizations he works with. He has worked as a senior executive in fast growing companies, both private and public, and is comfortable balancing the conflicting needs of high-growth and long-term strategy within organizations he runs. Carsten is a keen steward of a company’s culture and understands its importance for long-term financial and strategic results.

Mr. Sorensen spent a decade as a partner in private equity, where he was a member of the team overseeing portfolio companies. His responsibility while working in the private equity field included turnarounds and technology strategy development.

Mr. Sorensen holds a B.S. from the University of California at Berkeley in Business and Finance and lives with his family in San Francisco.