Robert Wayson
VP, Consulting Services

Robert Wayson joined LynnCo in 2019 and is Vice President for Consulting Services, overseeing our exceptional consulting group. Robert has extensive experience in the supply chain industry across multiple verticals and a distinguished background in supply chain consulting. His previous executive leadership within for-hire carrier, third party (3PL) warehouse-logistics, and e-commerce organizations allows him to support our clients to develop comprehensive programs to achieve their strategic and operational goals. Robert’s technical experience spans over 30 years in operations, business development, technology development and adoption, site engineering, and project management in end-to-end supply chain. He has worked with Fortune 500 customers, including BMW, Michelin, GM, Ford, and non-automotive customers, in retail, food and beverage, top 5 agricultural retailers. Robert also has extensive experience working with private equity owned portfolio companies.

Robert serves as a thought leader for associations and clients in multiple industries. As a former committee member on AT025, Urban Freight Transportation, US Transportation Research Board (Washington DC), he maintains awareness of public sector regulatory and policy making. As a public sector consultant, Robert contributed to the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Atlanta Strategic Truck Route Master Plan, statewide freight plans for South Carolina, Texas, and Florida, the FHWA Truck Size and Weight study and Alaska’s KABATA Knik Arm Bridge project.