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Managed Transportation

We manage and simplify complex logistics needs for mid-market companies who require Fortune 500 capabilities.

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Freight Brokerage

We deliver competitive rates, guaranteed capacity and legendary service. Our freight team is the best in its class.


Supply Chain Consulting

We design and deploy effective supply chain strategies to meet the unique needs of all our customers.

World-Class Logistics Solutions For Mid-Market Companies

For mid-market companies with complex logistics requirements, the resources and budgets required to replicate the capabilities of their Fortune 500 competitors are staggeringly high. LynnCo delivers the logistics and supply chain capabilities of a Fortune 500 company at a fraction of the cost.


Your company needs to keep costs down while handling freight with a level of service that keeps your customers happy. Many of the large 3PL and 4PL organizations are only interested in the "easy" freight, which leaves many companies at their mercy to either overpay or be under-serviced.


For over 25 years, LynnCo has been a leader in complex operational solutions. We have quietly built a leading supply chain platform of solutions and technology for mid-market and high-growth companies. Proven across dozens of industries and hundreds of companies, we deliver on our promise to maximize growth through our expert control tower professionals, SaaS platform, CFO-level analytics, supply chain assessments, and transformational execution for mid-market companies.


The LynnCo Difference

Managing Complexity

To protect their profits, our competitors have an affinity toward "easy" freight. LynnCo, on the other hand, specializes in "hard" freight, where service failures are not an option. That's where we shine --  our teams at LynnCo genuinely care about getting it right when things are tough.

Loyalty & Service

Our loyalty and legendary customer service sets us apart from our competitors. In an industry where these qualities are hard to come by, the fact that many of our customers have worked with LynnCo for well over 10 years speaks volumes.

Innovation & Technology

LynnCo was the first 3PL/Managed Transportation Provider to offer a web-based TMS with on-demand analytics & reporting to our customers in 2003. And we've never stopped innovating. We consider it a point-of-pride to be at the leading edge of technology in our industry.
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Just take a look at the testimonials from many of our satisfied customers below.


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About Our Founder

How Lynn Fritz Revolutionized Logistics

Lynn Fritz is one of the founding revolutionaries of the Logistics and Supply Chain industry. Starting in the 1970s, as the owner of Fritz Companies, he grew the company into a worldwide logistics trailblazer known for its technological prowess and exceptional customer dedication. After 30 years of explosive growth, the company achieved Fortune 1000 ranking in 1997. By the time Fritz Companies was acquired by UPS in 2001, it had 10,000 employees operating in over 120 countries worldwide. Below are three of Lynn's key beliefs that continue to live on at LynnCo today:

Visionary Technology

In 1972, our founder, Lynn Fritz, decided to take Fritz Companies into the computer age. He implemented the first electronic US Customs Tariff software application well before the US Customs Agency itself did. This was the first of many technological innovations he launched.

Exceptional Service & Dedication To Customers

As one of the first logistics entrepreneurs, Lynn had the ironclad belief that customers are to be treated with respect and deserve exceptional service. A rarity in an industry that, at the time, was not known for the words “customer service.”

Constant Innovation

Lynn was never happy with the status quo and has always sought ways to improve the way things operated. His focus on his customers, combined with new technologies available now, unleashed a stream of constant innovation at Fritz Companies, which is continuing today at LynnCo.
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