A Logistics Program That Just Works

Mid-market companies partner with us to gain access to Fortune 500 logistics capabilities, at a fraction of the cost!

Managed Transportation

Parcel Services

Supply Chain Consulting

Freight Brokerage

Logistics Can Bring Your Business to Its Knees

Eroding margins, production delays, and unhappy customers are just some examples of what could halt your business operations.

Achieve Operational

We understand the challenges that come with logistics. The sheer complexity of all the moving pieces can lead to frustration, even among top logistics professionals. We feel your pain!

With LynnCo, you can outsource as little or as much of your logistics program to us as needed. We have the experience, talent, and resources to build a custom solution that works for you.

Freight Audit & Pay

Claims Administration

Accrual Management

Real-Time Analytics

Optimized Carrier Pool

Milk Run Optimization

Load Planning

Shipment Routing & Tracking

Cost Control Policies

& 23+ More Services Included!


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What the Process Looks Like

Step 1

Book a Discovery Call

Speak with one of our logistics experts and we'll discuss your current program.

We only need 30 minutes of your time

Step 2

We Design Your Program

Based on what we heard and uncovered, we will build you a custom logistics program.

2-4 weeks later we’ll have your plan developed

Step 3

We Implement Together

Your new logistics program will be rolled out with minimal disruptions to your operations.

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How Much is Logistics Mayhem Costing You?

The hidden costs of logistical disarray can quickly accumulate. Delays, disruptions, and inefficiencies frustrate customers and erode your bottom line. Don't be blinded by the logistical mayhem that drains your profits.


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