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LynnCo has worked collaboratively with clients to improve supply chain performance and management for over 25 years.

Innovative Solutions for Supply Chain Optimization

At LynnCo, we work collaboratively with mid-market, emerging growth companies to help improve supply chain performance. By looking deeper into their needs and challenges we are able to find the right solutions for long-term success.

Too often companies look for short-lived solutions, like negotiating lower freight rates or implementing Lean methods that are transportation focused, only to find that these solutions fall short of expectations and yield less-than-optimal supply chain performance. LynnCo aims to uncover the root of the problem so that all areas of the supply chain are optimized for long-term success.

Because our experienced leadership and employees come from a variety of backgrounds, we offer a broad range of expertise, giving us the insight to develop innovative solutions for any market. With that knowledge, we then take time to get to know our clients, working side-by-side to help eliminate waste, improve supplier performance, and streamline operations. The results go beyond basic transportation management and provide our customers with a powerful, maximized supply chain that ensures all facets are running efficiently.

“LynnCo has become exactly what it was designed to be: A well-tuned machine. We have excellent people who operate in a very transparent way – and they’re able to truly execute change for our clients.”

Lynn Fritz, Founder of LynnCo
Photo of LynnCo founder Lynn Fritz
Where It All Began

Our History

Based on a solid foundation and long-standing history in logistics, LynnCo takes pride in its story. Since 1991, LynnCo has helped clients improve supply chain management by digging deeper into their logistics, acting as a long-term partner every step of the way. But the vision for LynnCo began years before based on a bold idea and fueled by innovative technology.

Lynn Fritz Revolutionized Logistics

Bringing Discipline to Domestic Freight

Digging Deeper Into the Supply Chain

First 3PL To Offer SaaS TMS & Analytics

Going Virtual

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