Our Core Values

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

LynnCo's company culture is built on our Core Values and Leadership Principles.

Having clearly defined Core Values and Leadership Principles establishes a strong sense of purpose, communicates expectations, and creates a positive workplace culture. Since culture is the key to a high-performing organization, we take these very seriously. Our leadership team works hard to protect them and ensure that they permeate our entire organization.

The Non-Negotiables

LynnCo's 12 Core Values

Integrity, Trust & Respect

Without Integrity, there is no Trust. Without Trust, there cannot be Respect. And without Respect, our culture will suffer. Without all three, working together would not be fun.

And, to be clear, we have a very firm "No Asshole" rule at LynnCo. Brilliant jerks are not welcome.

Teamwork & Collaboration

We do our best work in teams. Good teams always outperform individual contributors, no matter how talented. Teams have diverse skills, knowledge and greater creativity. By dividing our workload, we can each focus on our strength, while benefitting from the increased capacity for work. Working within a team is also more fun. By joining LynnCo, you're joining a winning team.


Diversity and inclusivity are not just moral imperatives, they also have tangible benefits for employees and LynnCo as a whole. Diverse teams bring diverse viewpoints, which improve problem-solving and drive innovation. Diversity strengthens teams and empirical evidence shows that companies with higher degrees of diversity deliver better performance.

Customer Focus

Without our customers, LynnCo would not exist. By taking care of our customers, we ensure our continued growth as a company and as individuals. Customer Focus requires us to really care about client success and to always work on their behalf. It means understanding how we can improve their business. This focus on our customers is intrinsically linked to our innovative spirit at LynnCo.


Being authentic means presenting a genuine and unfiltered self to others. It means being transparent, honest, consistent and not trying to hide behind a façade or put on a show for others. When we are authentic, we accept and embrace all aspects of our personality, including our strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. Authenticity is foundational to developing trust with others.

Transparency & Communication

Transparency & Communication are two sides of the same coin. Transparency is a key requirement for trust. Communication is the key to how humans work best together. Together, they allow us to get more done. When people have access to correct and abundant information, they can get more done with fewer mistakes, while having more fun.

Ownership & Results

Ownership promotes accountability, engagement, problem-solving, creativity and communication. Ownership drives results and results require ownership. It means taking responsibility for delivering on our commitments, which builds trust with team members. Our leaders are expected to give their team members the autonomy to own their work.

Leadership Matters

Leadership plays a critical role in shaping a company's culture, as leaders set the tone and provide direction for the organization. Leaders shape our culture, make important decisions and communicate with their teams. They can make or break employee engagement and morale. Leadership matters because it plays a critical role in setting and achieving LynnCo's goals and objectives — at every level.


Our focus on delivering results requires each of us to take initiative. We don’t wait to be told what to do and we certainly do not say ‘that’s not my job’ at LynnCo. Our people are intrinsically motivated to excel, and take initiative where necessary. Because of that, we are able to deliver better results for our customers. Initiative also shows our commitment to our customers and our team.

Kindness & Empathy

Everything we do begins and ends with people. Kindness and Empathy are related but distinct concepts. Together, they help create a positive and stronger culture, that fosters engagement, respect, trust, collaboration and inclusivity. Kindness & Empathy make us stronger as a company and, in turn, strengthen our relationships with our customers and partners.


Curiosity fosters innovation, creativity, continuous learning, and improvement. Curiosity is a key ingredient for Innovation. Albert Einstein once said, "I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious." Curiosity also improves communication. Curious people ask more questions and are better at understanding others. It supports, even fosters, a growth mindset.

Adaptability & Agility

Today's business world changes ever faster, requiring all companies to adapt & change. Innovation drives change, often radical change. To thrive in our culture, adaptability is a must. Without it, we would encounter resistance to change, which would slow down or inhibit innovation. Adaptability also drives collaboration, higher morale & better teamwork.
Leadership Difference

Our Leadership Principles

At LynnCo, being a leader is not the same as being a manager. All managers have to be leaders, but leaders don't have to be managers. Being a leader is more about mindset than a job requirement. We encourage all of our employees to embrace these leadership principles. Our unique culture, supported by these principles, helps us focus on delivering for our clients, employees and partners.

Protect Culture & Set Examples

Our leaders protect our culture, above all else, and are the guardians of LynnCo's culture. They embody our Core Values and model them to the rest of the organization.

Disagree & Commit

Leaders speak up if they disagree and push back for the sake of the team and the company. Once a decision is made, though, they commit fully to the team’s decision.

Deliver Results

Good leaders focus on the right things. They don’t over promise and under deliver, but establish a track record of results. Our leaders don’t make excuses and are demanding, but fair.

Earn & Extend Trust

Strong leaders extend trust abundantly to those who earned it, and conditionally to others. They always behave in a trustworthy manner. Without being trustworthy, there is no true leadership. 

Confront Reality

Leadership requires tough issues to be addressed directly and quickly. It acknowledges the elephant in the room. Great leaders are courageous in the face of adversity.

Practice Accountability

Excellent leaders hold themselves accountable publicly and do not point fingers or get defensive. A good leader sets their team up for success and holds them accountable.


Leadership requires listening before speaking. Leaders seek to understand first and don’t assume they have all the answers. Curiosity thrives on good listening.

Clarify Expectations

Almost all conflicts are violation of expectations. Good leaders check their understanding by asking clarifying questions. They don’t assume expectations are clear or shared.

Show Loyalty

Our leaders support their people when they hit a rough patch. They give credit freely, speak about others as if they were present and don’t gossip or engage in politics.


Good leaders are self-aware about their weak spots and strive to continuously improve. They seek feedback, learn from mistakes and act on them. They have a growth mindset.
Photo of LynnCo founder Lynn Fritz

"An organization where people are proud to be there, can identify with the organization’s values, can work hard and achieve more than they ever thought they could, and have fun with what they do."

Lynn Fritz, Founder of LynnCo

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