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Technology Driven, Experienced & Focused On Exceptional Service

We Manage Complexity In Logistics - So You Can Focus On Your Business

Our mission is simple: help companies manage their Logistics and Supply Chain needs. In a world where many of our larger competitors are looking for the ‘Easy Button’ instead of tackling the hard problems on behalf of their clients, we love complex freight. We thrive on solving difficult supply chain problems for our clients.


For over 25 years, we have built a leading supply chain platform of solutions and technology for companies with complex transportation needs. Proven across hundreds of companies and many industries, LynnCo delivers value through service, technology and deep logistics experience.

We love partnering with our clients to manage the complexity of their logistics programs so they can focus on their customers.



Why We Are Different

Legendary Service

We are true partners to our customers. Our obsession with servicing our customers has led to some of our early customers working with us for 10, 12, 15, even 18 years and counting! And, judging from the number of referrals we receive, our customers really enjoy spreading the word about LynnCo.

Technology Roots

LynnCo's origin is deeply rooted in the technology field. From our founder's computerizing US Customs tables well before the US Customs department itself did so, to our current web-based SaaS solution, SuiteEdge®, our company's ethos is to use technology to make our clients’ lives easier.

Industry Expertise

The LynnCo team has professionals in any area of Logistics or Supply Chain to help with our customer's needs, whatever they may be. Our deep expertise also allows us to get creative to solve the more vexing problems our customers encounter. No matter how crazy or complex the freight is, our team can move it safely and on time.

Consulting Depth

Because we have such depth in our industry, combined with our technology expertise, we have been asked by many of our clients to become consultative partners as well. Our Consulting team has deep expertise in all aspects of the supply chain and our engineers are second to none. Whatever challenge you are facing, this team can solve it.
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Why We Are Different

Proof Points

Below are some proof points that show the difference between LynnCo and our competition.

We Do What We Say We Do

We return your phone calls. Promptly. When we say we will do something, we do it. Without exception. And we do it right. Our company culture puts our customers’ best interests first and is highly results oriented.

Our Referrals Are Legendary

While we may be stretching the word "Legendary" a bit here, we are not too far off. So many clients have called us in after they moved to their next organization to deliver the same trusted value for their new team.

We Save Our Clients Money - Every Quarter

Our quarterly reviews are strictly focused on saving our clients money. And those are pretty close to legendary, too. During LynnCo's lifetime, we have saved our clients well over $500 Million across 12,000 savings initiatives.

Our Clients Stay With Us

Our longest tenured client has been with us for almost 20 years and we have scores of clients that have been with LynnCo for over 10 years. Our ethos is to partner and take care of our customers. Because we are not interested in the "easy" freight, and understand our customer's operations, we become trusted partners that can be relied on year after year.

Our Industry-Leading Technology & Innovation

LynnCo was the first 3PL to offer a web-based TMS to our clients. In 2003! While having a TMS to offer one's clients is considered table-stakes these days, we were the first out the gate with this innovation. Our founder has been operating at the leading edge of technology since the 1970 and he has never stopped.

"Our work with our clients is meaningful and we really do commit ourselves to their success."

Lynn Fritz, Founder of LynnCo
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