Supply Chain Consulting

Engineered and customized strategies to fit the unique needs of your business.

Experienced Supply Chain Consulting

LynnCo Supply Chain Consulting helps businesses implement effective supply chain solutions to keep up with growing demands and customer expectations in a competitive market. With a growth mindset, we provide our customers with the supply chain strategy, tools, and processes to achieve competitive dominance.


Your business’s success requires a focus on your supply chain's resilience, sustainability, and scalability. We bring a competitive focus where peer-to-peer exchange and advice ahead of mere consulting promote a partnership between us and your organization. We partner with our customers to unlock efficiencies, efficiency, and savings.


Delivering on all Sectors of the Supply Chain

The supply chain is not a single warehouse, a disparate system, nor a lone 3PL partner. Your supply chain is an ecosystem, with each sector contributing to the success of the next. Our commitment, the 7-Sector Promise, is to enhance each aspect of your supply chain while delivering on your requirements.

Strategic Leadership Support

Your leadership team may be embarking on your supply chain journey or already well underway. Our Virtual Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) or a category Subject Matter Expert (SME) can provide added and proven expertise on a subscription or hourly basis.

Robust Network Design

Growth opens the opportunity to service a broader geography or increased volumes. Leveraging that growth through a more robust distribution network can lower your per unit cost and enhance delivery to your customer.

Optimized Inventory

Increased demand does not have to equate to direct increases in carry cost. Analyzing your inventory needs by understanding what to carry versus what to order, refining order quantities, and improving your demand forecasting practices are the first steps towards better financial controls.

3PL Distribution Partnerships

When owning and operating a distribution center is outside your strategy, you need a partner to select the correct provider to store, pick, pack, and ship your product. We are recognized, by clients and providers alike, as a valuable member of the assessment, selection, and launch team.

Facility Design

If you own and operate your distribution or sortation facility, our design team can optimize your layout and racking design to meet the challenges of changing SKUs, quantities, and container size. Whether you are expanding a current facility or simply in the market for a new one, our team can analyze your current and future inventory plan, to answer the question of "how big is big enough?"

Tools and Technology

Investing in your supply chain can boost productivity and save money by choosing and implementing the right systems. Some organizations invest too much in advanced technology, while others don't invest enough in the right technology. We can help you assess your environment and choose the right investment.

Logistics Plans and Private Fleets

Operating an efficient network relies on the proper deployment of logistics resources. Your private fleet, a third party partner, a dedicated partner fleet, or your own transportation department—each provides unique advantages. Without a planned deployment strategy, those benefits can deliver underwhelming performance or catastrophic results.
Engagement at Your Pace

Strategic or Operational

Our expertise engages your team wherever you are on your supply chain journey. We can contribute to your organizational supply chain strategy, advise on a specific sector of that strategy, manage a program based on the strategy, or manage projects to address a specific need.

Virtual Chief Supply Chain Officer

Beginning a supply chain journey requires experience and expertise, though potentially not a permanent team member. We position highly qualified supply chain leaders to serve as your fractional Chief Supply Chain Officer.

Subject Matter Experts

Not all strategies are comprehensive. Our team of industry experts serve as SMEs, completing your team's knowledge or providing industry benchmarks.


As your Project Management Office (PMO) or Program Manager, our technical and non-technical consultants provide additional expertise and bandwidth to achieve your operationalization needs.
Investor Experience

Private Equity

Unlocking the potential of your portfolio company's supply chain drives significant value creation. Lowering days in inventory, increasing operating margins, improving capacity, scalability and resilience enhances portfolio returns by realizing your investment thesis faster.

Deal Sourcing

Partnering with your investment team, LynnCo’s expert knowledge creates better visibility to the potential strategies to unlock value at a potential investment target. We provide expert guidance based on industry benchmarks, combined with our long-standing Private Equity experience, prior to your bid or LOI.

Due Diligence Support

Supporting your due diligence process, we contribute by analyzing and modelling each identified strategy to quantify operational savings. Our contribution provides a concise roadmap of potential programs and projects, the expected further investments required, and the expected ROI.

Post-Closing Support

While the ink is drying on the deal, our team can already be on-site, working in partnership with your operations support and portfolio company leadership teams to realize value in the areas identified in the investment thesis.

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