Managed Transportation

Turn your logistics data into actionable insights and technical strategies to enhance performance.

World-Class Logistics Capabilities Without The Large Investment

Your company requires world-class transportation capabilities similar to a Fortune 500 company at a fraction of the cost. LynnCo's Managed Transportation Program will extend your current team and puts cutting-edge technology in their hands—all without requiring you to make large IT investments or increase headcount.


Our clients typically save 13-18% on their transportation spend and gain up to 10% operational savings through the use of our free technology platform, SuiteEdge®. SuiteEdge® is powered by rigorous operational processes and best practices, creating repeatable, predictable results.

So, how do we do it?

Managing Today's Complex Supply Chain

How LynnCo Solves Complex Transportation Problems For Our Customers

Cost Management: An On-Going Process

Managing transportation costs goes beyond regular RFPs. It requires an extensive network of carrier partners and a team of specialists who are market experts. It also requires an array of software to help balance your company's service requirements against ultra-low-cost providers. With LynnCo, you can minimize cost without sacrificing quality.

Service & Reliability

Your transportation team is responsible for delivering top-notch service to internal and external customers. And the costs of service failures are high. 
Industries where service failures carry high costs, such as chargebacks, line-shutdown penalties, or return & re-delivery costs, can jeopardize customer relationships. At LynnCo, cost will always be secondary to service.
The control tower team at LynnCo serves as an extension of your team and works diligently to understand your operational requirements, ensuring that your freight arrives on time in full.
We promise you’ll never be re-routed to a call-center, but will have direct access to your teams whenever necessary. Our long-standing customer relationships are proof of consistent commitment to deliver world-class service.

Technology Without The Headache

Our mission is to use technology intelligently to help our clients manage their supply chain. It is in our founder's roots and in our company's DNA. Our technology platform, SuiteEdge®, is a no-cost solution powered by rigorous operational processes and best practices, creating repeatable, predictable results.
Our clients simply use SuiteEdge®, our web-based software that provides everything necessary to manage a world-class transportation operation. During the last 20+ years, LynnCo has integrated a large array of software, from TMS to on-demand analytics dashboards, so that our customers have everything they require at their fingertips. LynnCo's technology team handles all the maintenance, enhancements and upkeep transparently behind the scenes.
Cost Management: An On-Going Process

Managing Cost Consistently & Reliably

During the last few years, managing transportation costs required an iron stomach. And the requirements to consistently buy freight at the best possible price (without suffering service failures) continue to be significant and very expensive.

Experienced Logistics Professionals

LynnCo has a deep bench of professionals who are experts in their field. Regardless of mode, we handle it. Truckload, LTL, Small Parcel, Drayage, Air Freight? Whatever your needs are, we have the expertise to implement your logistics  strategy at the optimal cost while maintaining high-quality service.

Proven Cost-Management Processes

Over the last 20+ years, LynnCo has developed and honed its processes to ensure that our teams work as effectively as possible on behalf of our customers. All standardized, required tasks are supported by technology automation. Transportation data is analyzed and processed to provide us the latest market insights and to deliver proactive cost-containment strategies for our customers. Our quarterly strategic reviews provide the latest cost-savings roadmap.

Strategic Advice & Continuous Improvements

Customers receive quarterly strategic plans from our team which provide the latest cost-savings roadmap. This ensures that the LynnCo team is continuously aligned with your evolving business needs and strategic direction. To date, LynnCo has provided over 12,000 initiatives to our customers, saving over $500 Million.

Advanced Technology

LynnCo continually invests in the latest technology to help you contain costs. Whether it is the latest RFP management software or developing our own analytics database and analysis software, we never stop investing in the latest tools. This ensures that our teams are equipped to deliver the highest service at the lowest cost to our customers.
Service & Reliability

When Service Failure Is Not An Option

LynnCo's culture is driven by reliability and a deeply rooted service culture. Which is why our longest-tenured customers approach 20 years with us. Very few in this industry will go to the lengths that LynnCo team members will go for our customers.

A History And Culture of Reliability

One of our core values is to always take care of our customers. We do what we say we do and we do it right. Our customers have high service needs and complex transportation requirements. Those cannot be met by pushing the "easy button" like some of our competition prefers. We do the hard work to deliver for you.

We Extend Our Customer's Operations

LynnCo’s teams take the time to understand your operational requirements. Where necessary, our team will even embed with yours during the implementation phase to truly understand all nuances of your business. Our goal is to anticipate our customer's challenges before they become issues.

Discipline & Process

Our onboarding process is an extensive, thorough process to understand your service needs and operational requirements. We’ll never ask you to fit into our "template" to make our lives easier, rather we try to understand your business to ensure that our program works for you. We turn tribal knowledge into documented and repeatable processes.
Technology Without The Headache

SuiteEdge® - Our Supply Chain Technology Platform

Reach new levels of performance with LynnCo’s platform, SuiteEdge®, that ensures continuous supply chain optimization, execution, and visibility from order creation to fulfillment—all in one platform from anywhere.

Transport Management System (TMS)

With SuiteEdge®, you'll get access to a world-class TMS to handle all your loads, shipments and route optimization functionality. Behind the scenes, the LynnCo team has developed and integrated over 30 additional software packages.


SuiteEdge® provides near real-time visibility on all in-transit shipments. As a client, you have advanced shipment notifications ensuring you know where shipments are at any given time, so you can update your customers and will never be surprised.

Supplier Compliance

With SuiteEdge®, supplier compliance to purchasing specifications is digitized with purchase order integrity checks, fulfillment validations, and advanced shipment notifications. All of the above ensures you know where materials are at any given time, can anticipate problems, and are never surprised.

Business Analytics

SuiteEdge® culminates data from an array of applications into one supply chain data store served up through LynnCo’s visual business analytics platform allowing you to focus on driving change within and optimizing your business intelligently.

Finance & Accounting Integration

With SuiteEdge® your finance department will become an instant fan of your logistics team. You can generate accrual reports, rely on consolidated invoicing with custom GL coding and many additional features that save countless hours that you typically spend giving accounting what they need. With SuiteEdge, it only requires the push of a button for you. 

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