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Comprehensive parcel spend management

Reduce Parcel Shipping Costs With LynnCo

You don’t have to accept shipping overages, damaged shipments, subpar pricing agreements, and inefficient accounting processes as a cost of doing business. LynnCo brings precision and unparalleled cost savings to your supply chain processes.

Create an account in two minutes. No credit card is required at the time of registration.

LynnCo immediately begins to audit your shipping accounts and file claims automatically.

Photo of LynnCo software screenshot on tablet
Photo of LynnCo software screenshot on tablet
Unlock Extra Savings

Save on Parcel Shipping without Sacrifice

Are high shipping costs eating into your revenue? If you ship with UPS and FedEx, you're likely to experience frequent rate increases or performance-related mishaps. The problem is, most shippers lack the time and manpower to find extra savings in their parcel spend.


With LynnCo Parcel Services, our audit customers typically save 1-3% of total annual parcel spend and negotiation customers save on average 17% of total annual spend. The best part? We only charge a portion of the savings we're able to secure, so everyone wins.

Negotiate Competitive Shipping Agreements with UPS & FedEx

Parcel Procurement

Today, there is a high barrier to entry into the small parcel shipping market. UPS and FedEx operate much like a duopoly, which allows them to exercise complete control over the pricing levers in the small package industry. Because there are two main players, both companies raise their rates in “lockstep” with each other year over year. The duopolistic structure ensures every shipper is locked into paying a premium.


To make matters more challenging, UPS and FedEx shippers face the additional challenge of being limited to their respective pricing structures. As they lack visibility in market data, most shippers are unaware of any potential better deals or how to access them.

LynnCo’s Parcel Procurement Solution

Fast and Effective Negotiations

LynnCo’s Parcel Procurement consists of a 4-6 week project where we coach and consult with our clients to negotiate a new, more competitive shipping agreement with UPS/FedEx.

No Cost. No Risk

We provide a free rate analysis that compares your shipping rates to a deep network of "like" shippers.

Cost Savings

With LynnCo’s Parcel Procurement, our customers save on average 17% on annual parcel shipping costs. With our incentive-based pricing model, we only make money if we save you money.
Photo of LynnCo software screenshot on laptop
Photo of LynnCo software screenshot on a smartphone
A Weekly Audit on Every Invoice

Parcel Audit

On nearly every parcel invoice, errors exist. Let’s be honest—UPS and FedEx won’t tell you if and when you’re due a refund. These additional expenses lead to high shipping costs, which can deter your customers from making a purchase and result in shopping cart abandonment.


Plus, manually searching for errors on invoices is time-consuming and burdening your staff. Without the right technology in place, attainable recoveries often go unrefunded.


What if there was a surefire way to perform a comprehensive weekly audit on each invoice to identify errors and address them before these mistakes lead to added costs and headaches?

LynnCo’s Parcel Audit Solution

Automatic Audits

LynnCo’s proprietary technology automatically downloads and performs weekly audits on your invoices, ensuring you’re not being overcharged or missing out on a refund.

Free to Start

With LynnCo’s gain-share based pricing, there is no capital outlay. That means we only turn a profit when you make money. No contracts. No commitments.
Gain Powerful, Data-Driven Insights

Parcel Analytics

Accessing parcel data on carrier websites can be cumbersome and take hours to manipulate into something consumable. Many shippers rely on a carrier’s representative to provide the data as most carriers do not offer self-service access to the data.

LynnCo’s Parcel Analytics Solution

End-to-End Visibility

LynnCo provides transparent and real-time visibility into the transportation process, allowing our clients to track shipments, monitor performance metrics, and access detailed analytics.

Advanced Technology. Advanced Results

Shippers can use LynnCo’s robust reporting platform to gain powerful, data-driven insights on their shipping profiles. The results? A plethora of cost reduction opportunities.
LynnCo analytics Screenshot`
LynnCo analytics Screenshot
LynnCo analytics Screenshot
LynnCo analytics Screenshot

What Makes LynnCo Parcel Services Different?

Advanced Technology Platform

LynnCo utilizes cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, to optimize transportation operations, enhance efficiency, and provide real-time visibility into the supply chain.

Transparency and Visibility

As always, we provide transparent and real-time visibility into the transportation process, allowing clients to track shipments, monitor performance metrics, and access detailed analytics. It’s our transparent operations that build trust and confidence with our clients.

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

LynnCo is committed to ongoing improvement through innovation, process optimization, and adopting industry best practices. Our focus on continuous improvement ensures our clients stay ahead of the competition and consistently deliver high-quality transportation services.

Industry Specialization

We continuously develop expertise in specific industries and niche markets, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and automotive. These specializations allow us to understand the unique requirements and challenges of these industries, offering tailored solutions and insights to our clients.

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